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Nemashakti’s EPN (Entomopathopenic Nematodes) formula majorly consist of Heterorhabditis and Steinernema Nematodes. EPN nematodes are more popularly known as beneficial nematodes as they cause no adverse effect to the farm, farmers, farmer friendly insects or the farm animals.

Nemashakti offers a chemical free and low cost solution for insect control. With India experiencing a 33% crop loss, 18% of which is caused by insect pests, use of NEMASHAKTI helps preserve the roots and leaf systems from the insect pests. It helps the farmer as he can farm the most profitable crop without worrying about the pest or disease outbreak and encourages the next generation farmers by making agriculture more profitable and less laborious.


  • Single product controls 200+ insect pests, especially menacing pests like White grubs, American Fall Army Worm and pink ball worm. Hence applicable to almost all crops.
  • Decreases the cost of Insect Control by 70%. • Little or no chance of Pesticide resistance or secondary pest outbreak or Pest Relapse.
  • NEMASHAKTI uses Entomopathogenic Nematodes for insect control. They actively seek, ambush and kill their prey, giving them an edge over other Biological formulations.
  • Most essential for Natural or Organic Farming • Easy to administer in drip irrigation or other spraying equipments.
  • Increases yield by 10 -15% (Achieved upto 70% in some cases) while improving the quality of the produce by preserving the root system.
  • Provides a Biological alternative to Chemical pesticides for insect pest control, thus protecting Soil and Farmer Heath and overall Human and Animal Health from chemical toxicity.
  • Single dose protecting farm for 3 — 6 months, it saves time, energy and cost involved in spraying Chemical Pesticide, a welcome relief.
  • Enhanced Life (9 month in the Box and 3 - 6 months under the soil) • Nemashakti is Easy to store (Cool Dark Place away From Direct Sunlight) compared to other Nematode Formulations which require refrigeration.


Nematodes (EPN) are beneficial micro-organisms (parasites) that kill insect pests, they attack them by sniffing their scent. They possess unique ability to actively seek and ambush their prey. They enter the insect pests through body openings like mouth, nostrils, anus or directly through the body wall. Once inside, they release highly specialized bacteria (symbiotic) into the insect pest, (these bacteria multiply rapidly causing septicima) poisoning and killing it within 24-48 hours. They make the insect their host and finally exit it after multiplying in lacs to begin their search for a new insect. The Nematodes continue to survive and parasitize new insects for several months. Depending upon the pest(s) targeted and the method of application, it can take from 7 -10 days normally to 30 days in some pests for the results to be seen.


  • Recommended dose of NEMASHAKTI is 1-2 kgs/acre or 3-5 gms per litre of water. Depending on insect pest concentration and method of Application.
  • Apply in moist soils; pre and post-application irrigation and continued moisture is necessary nematodes require moisture for their movement.
  • The pressure of the pump should be not more than 150 psi.
  • Once opened, use the entire packet.
  • Morning or evening application preferred; avoid exposure to UV rays and high temperatures.
  • Internal filters of the spray equipment should be removed to prevent them from becoming clogged with Nematodes.
  • Store in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.
  • The results of NEMASHAKTI will further improve in the second dosage.
  • Re-administer NEMASHAKTI after every 6 months.